More Minutes
by Vickey Ridgeway
| 10 Questions
10 pts
Minutes have how many components?
A 10
B 2
C 5
D 8
10 pts
The signature line is to be signed by:
A Chairman
B Vice-Chairman
C Recording Secretary
D Treasurer
10 pts
The heading of the Minutes include:
A Signature line
B Call to order
C Committee Report
D Name of organization
10 pts
Old Business means:
A New topics
B Unresolved discussions from previous meeting
C New Business
D Approval of Minutes
10 pts
Call to Order means:
A Discussion is over
B New business begins
C Meeting has officially begun
D Old business begins
10 pts
Adjournment means:
A Notation of those absent from the meeting
B Notation of who attends the meeting
C Notation of who began the meeting
D Notation of who adjourned meeting
10 pts
Committee reports are presented by:
A Sub-committee chairperson
B Chairman
C Members present
D Recording Secretary
10 pts
New Business means:
A Discussing old topics in a new way
B Discussing unresolved issues
C Discussing approval of minutes
D Discussing new topics and issues
10 pts
Minutes are prepared:
A Before the meeting
B After the meeting
C Once a year
D Twice a year
10 pts
The purpose of Minutes:
A To show items to be discussed
B To show topics and speakers that will present
C To describe discussion and decisions made during the meeting
D To discuss anything
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