Volume of a rectangular Prism
by Joseph Taylor
| 7 Questions
1 pt
Station 1: Identify and document the missing information from each prism. Write it on the card and photo it. Erase information after photo is taken.
1 pt
Station 2: Create the two prisms and determine their volume. Take a picture of the prisms and the completed card. Erase the information after photo is taken.
1 pt
Station 3: Measure the length, width, and height of both prisms. Determine their volume and document it on the card. Take a picture of the card and then erase the information.
1 pt
Station 4: Roll the die 3 times for each prism. Using that information to create a prism and then determine its volume. Take a picture of the prism and completed card. Take your prism apart.
1 pt
Station 5: Complete the card and take a picture. Erase the card before you rotate.
1 pt
Station 6: Complete the card to determine the volume of the pool. Then determine the total amount of pounds of water fit inside the pool. Take a picture of the card and share it before erasing the information.
1 pt
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