Figurative devices
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Sweet like a mango is what figurative device?
A metaphor
B simile
C oxymoron
D alliteration
The child’s tears were cold raindrops from a tiny cloud. What is this device?
A simile
B metaphor
C oxymoron
D personification

A. As important as water conservation is, it is also very easy. A few simple habits can significantly reduce the water consumption of a household. One way to save water is to turn off the faucet when reduce the water consumption of a household. One way to save water is to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Also, don’t allow faucets to drip; one drip can waste a large amount of water over a short period of time. Baths require less water than showers, so by taking a bath instead of a shower, you can reduce the amount of water your home uses. In the kitchen, running a dishwasher when it is completely full, rather than half full, can save up to 20 gallons a day. These simple changes will save water and save money.
A Water conservation is important.
B Consumers can save money by conserving water
C A few simple changes can save water in the home.
D Baths take less water than showers.
One the most popular musical instruments is the piano. In the traditional musical instrument classification system of string, woodwind, percussion and brass, the piano falls into two categories. It is considered a string instrument because the sound comes from the strings inside the piano. It is also considered a percussion instrument, since the player strikes the keyboard, which signals an internal hammer to strike the strings.
A The piano is both a string and percussion instrument.
B The piano is a string instrument.
C The piano is a popular instrument.
D The strings of a piano make the sound
The stairs creaked and groaned under the heavy weight has 2 devices. What are they?
A simile
B personification
C onomatopoeia
D alliteration
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Listen to the AUDIO FILE. How now brown cow is an example of
A metaphor
B alliteration
C assonance
D onomatopoeia
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