Lesson 9: Places in the United States
by Katie Kingry
| 5 Questions
Why did Chicago, Illinois, grow quickly even after it was destroyed by a fire?
A. The city had space for a military base.
B. The city was blocked from the mainland.
C. The city had a central location near water.
D. The city became a center for making steel.
Which phrase BEST describes Montgomery's location?
A. where rivers meet
B. on sandy barrier islands
C. near a dry and dusty trail
D. in a cotton-growing region
This question has two parts. First, answer Part A. Then, answer Part B.

Part A
Which of these statements is TRUE about Pearl Harbor?
A. It is located in the Golden Triangle of the United States.
B. It is located about halfway between Japan and the United States.
C. Its location marks the beginning of the Chisholm Trail.
D. Its location bows out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Part B

Because of Pearl Harbor's location, what did the Untied States build there?
A. a railroad station
B. a naval and air base
C. a cotton farm
D. a steel factory
Critical Thinking Question
Pittsburgh remained an important manufacturing and shipping city for many yers after railroads and automobiles were first created. what features of its location made Pittsburgh a good place for these industries?

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