Saving the Peregrine Falcon
by Erin Scagnelli
| 10 Questions
Which sentence BEST explains the MAIN idea of the article?
Our country has banned DDT since 1973.
The peregrine falcon is the fastest flier of all birds.
Today, the peregrine falcon can be found in the rocky cliffs of Acadia National Park.
Peregrine falcones have been saved after a chemical called DDT almost destroyed them.
What did DDT do to harm the peregrine falcon?
It made the peregrine falcon fly much slower.
It forced peregrines to fly further away for food.
It prevented peregrine chicks from having contact with people.
It made the peregrines' eggshells thin and brittle so their chicks could not hatch.
Read this sentence from the article.
"To protect the birds, scientists took some adult birds to a nursery to lay their eggs."
What does the word nursery mean in the sentence above?
a child's room
a place where plants are grown
a place where animals are cared for
a hospital room for newborn babies
Which sentence BEST describes the author's point of view about peregrine falcones?
They should not have been returned to Acadia.
They would not be able to live outside of Acadia.
They would have disappeared if they did not fly so fast.
They were able to live mainly through the help of others.
Read this sentence from the article.
"The bird uses this speed to snatch its food with its strong claws when it is flying."
Which word has almost the SAME meaning as the word snatch as used in the sentence above?
Based on evidence from the text, the author would MOST likely agree that
the chemical DDT only harmed insects.
the peregrine falcon is a special bird.
the peregrine falcon disappeared over 60 years ago.
the chemical DDT should not have been banned in the United States.
What information can you find using the heading "Protecting the Peregrines"?
the plan to save the Peregrine falcons
how the peregrine falcons disappeared
the success of the peregrine falcons
how the peregrine falcones were removed from Acadia
Which information can you find using the timeline?
why DDT was created
when DDT was banned in the United States
when the first peregrine chick died in Acadia National Park
when the last peregrine chick was born in Acadia National Park
According to the article, scientists took some of the adult peregrines to a nursery because they wanted to
keep them away from prey that contained DDT.
make sure they have plenty of food to catch and eat.
give them space away from humans to build their nests.
let tourists who visited the national park see the falcons.
Read these sentences from the article.
"The chemical made their eggs thin and brittle. When the females sat on their eggs to warm them, the eggs cracked."
What does the word brittle mean in the sentences above?
hard to crack
easily broken
not fully grown
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