The Marriage of King Arthur
by Eric Bryan
| 7 Questions
PART 1: After reading “The Marriage of King Arthur,” answer the following questions and complete the creative writing activity.
4 pts
How would you explain Merlin’s relationship with King Arthur? What seems to be Merlin’s purpose?
4 pts
Why does Arthur value Guenevere above other women? Use a quotation from the story to support your answer.
4 pts
Imagine the Round Table. What is the symbolism or significance of its shape? How might that shape prevent feelings of envy and/or superiority?
PART 2: Inversion is a reversal of standard word order. An example of standard word order is, “I went into town to see the zebras in the zoo.” An example of inverted word order is, “Into the town to see the zebras in the zoo went I.” Inverted word order sounds somewhat artificial and forced today, but it was commonly used in literature long ago. For example, King Arthur in “The Marriage of King Arthur” says that Guenevere is the “fairest lady…that ever I could find.”
Find two other examples of inverted word order in the story. Then rewrite the sentences or phrases in the spaces below.
2 pts
Example 1 (inverted version) from story:
2 pts
Example 1 re-written as commonly stated (standard version):
2 pts
Example 2 (inverted version) from story:
2 pts
Example 2 re-written as commonly stated (standard version):
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