Early Civil War - Quiz
by Russell Eves
| 5 Questions
1 pt
What was the ruling in the Dred Scott Case ?
A Dred Scott is a free man
B Salverly is unconstitutional
C Slaves are property the same as luggage
D All slave are to be set free
1 pt
The Lincoln Douglas debates were about ?

A Who was the better speaker
B Is slavery unconstitutional or constitutional
C Popular sovereignty v National policy
D Should Kansas and Nebraska become states

1 pt
Abraham Lincoln lost the Sentate seat for Illinois to Stephen Douglas
7 pts
Create a timeline from first to last.
  • first
  • second
  • third
  • fourth
  • fifth
  • sixth
  • seventh
  • First shot of the civil war at Fort Sumter.
  • Lincoln becomes president
  • Nat Turner Rebellion
  • Battle of Yorktown
  • John Brown raid Harper's Ferry
  • Dred Scott decision
10 pts
Looking at all the events leading up to the Civil War pick one which intrested you the most and why ? 50 words or more
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