SOL 5.4 Review Exit Ticket
by Blanche Hines
| 5 Questions
Maria grew 5,746 apples. She gave 171 of them to her neighbors. She bought 25 baskets to hold the rest of the fruit. How many pieces of fruit did she put in each basket?
A worker needs to load a total of 602 packages onto 7 trucks. The trucks each need to have an equal number of packages. How many packages should the worker load onto each truck?
Based on the table how much more would a person pay for three T- shirts at T-shirt Connection than at Al’s T-shirt Shop?
The table below shows the population of 3 cities in Virginia. How much smaller is the population of Richmond than the combined population of Roanoke and Norfolk?
The fourth and fifth grades are going on a field trip together. There are 6 fifth grade classes with 24 students in each class. There are 8 fourth grade classes with 18 students in each class. The buses each seat 36 students. How many buses will be needed for the field trip?
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