Romeo and Juliet Act 1
by Heather Stafford
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
Romeo and Juliet Open-ended Questions for Act 1
1 pt
Discuss the sources of tension in the first scene. Why are these characters upset? CLAIM, EVIDENCE, and REASON.
1 pt
How does Romeo describe the woman he loves in Scene 1? Refer to things like word choice, connotation, tone, figures of speech, and so on. CLAIM, EVIDENCE, and REASON.
1 pt
Describe the Nurse. Describe her relationship with Juliet.
1 pt
Who are Romeo’s friends and what is their plan? Discuss the debate they have with Romeo, as well as their motivations for this plan
1 pt
Describe Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet.
1 pt
Discuss the parallelism between Romeo’s “story” and Paris’ “story so far in Act 1.
1 pt
If you were Romeo and Juliet, would you follow love or stay loyal to your family and friends? Explain your reasons.
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