5.1 - Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, & Logic
by Rochelle Turnage
| 9 Questions
Note from the author:
Practice Scientific Investigation Skills
1 pt
5.1c - School ends at 2:50. Approximately how much time is left in the school day?

20 minutes
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
1 pt
5.1e - A family was packing boxes to move. The son did an experiment with his dad to see if he could guess what was inside the box just by picking it up. What is the dependent variable?
Items in the box
Weight of the box
Number of boxes
Type of boxes
1 pt
5.1b - A boy is conducting an experiment to determine if water evaporates more on a hot day or a cold day. Which instrument will he use to measure the air temperature each day?
graduated cylinder
meter stick
1 pt
5.1a - A student saw this bird and used a classification key to identify it. What type of bird did the student see?

Black Swan
Mandarin Drake
Peregrine Falcon
America Avocet
1 pt
5.1c - A student estimated that it would take 45 minutes to complete their science test. The student began the test at 11:16. About what time should the student finish up?
1 pt
5.1d - A teacher asked "Can light bend?" Which statement could the students use as a hypothesis for their experiment to match this question?
light can pass through objects in different ways
prisms, magnifying glasses, and different lenses were set out on the table
if different objects are tested, then an object will be found that bends light
if a transparent object is used, then people will be able to clearly see
objects can be tranparent, translucent, or opaque
1 pt
5.1h - Based on the table, how much rainfall should a scientist have predicted for May of 2011 in Norfolk?
12 - 17 inches
15 - 20 inches
18 - 23 inches
21 - 26 inches
1 pt
5.1g - How are amphibians and fish alike?
they both have body temperatures that change
they both breathe with gills as an adult
they both have scales for protection from predators
they both breathe with lungs as adults
1 pt
5.1f - To find out which soil absorbs (holds) moisture best, each container shown must -
be tested by the same person
have soil from the same place
be made of different material
have the same amount of soil
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