Joyful Learning: Genius Hour
by Jessica Richardson
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
Genius hour
Each week I will give you time for some of your own learning. What are you intrested about? What do you want to learn, but you never get a chance to? Lets see!!
1 pt
List five things that you are intorested about. What would you like to learn? What are your interested in? What do you want to learn that wouldn't feel like learning?
1 pt
Look at your five ideas above. Categorize them into most interested and somewhat interested.

  • Most interested
  • Somewhat interested
1 pt
Choose one of your ideas from the most interested category and write it below. Underneath, write down a few topick questions you would like to answer about your idea. (Note: If you are having trouble doing this, is this the idea you want to do your progect on? Think about it. )

1 pt
Where would you look to find answers for your questions on your interest? Do you need any help?
1 pt
In what amount of time whould you like to finish this wirck? Remember, you will only have 60 minutes 2 times a week on this project.
1 pt
How would you like to present your genyos hower? Think about a lot of different ways sutch as paper or the computer or if you can think of eney thing else you want to do you can do that to.
1 pt
I am excited for this Genius Hour each week! there is NO rong anser!!
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