Blood, Smike, and Freedom video
by Jessie Norton
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
A True story of the American Revolution - a virtual field trip
1 pt
Based on the second section of the video, how was America in the 1600's and early 1700's different from America today?
1 pt
What is the mood of the video? How do the narration, visuals, music, and sound effects help create the mood?
1 pt
According to museum curator Matthew Skic, what new idea did the Declaration of Independence introduce to the world?
1 pt
How did Joseph Plumb Martin's book about his experience in the war help author Lauren Tarshis write her book I Survived the American Revolution, 1776?
1 pt
Think about the Revolutionary War objects that Skic shows Tarshis. What can we learn by studying objects from the past?
1 pt
How does the section about Martin's experience on the battlefield help you understand the horrors of being a Revolutionary War soldier?
1 pt
What role did the Hessian soldiers play in the Revolutionary War? How was their presence helpful to the British?
1 pt
Lauren Tarshis says that London Pleasant was taking a "double risk" by joining the British army. What does she mean? Why was it risky for Pleasant to sign up to fight?
1 pt
What role did women play in the Revolutionary War?
1 pt
In the section about George Washington, what is Tarshis's tone or attitude? Explain using evidence from the video.
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