The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg—Comprehension
by Esteban Martinez
| 5 Questions
Read the following questions carefully. You may look back
at the selection to help find the answer to each question.
What is the main problem in the story?
A Homer’s brother wanted to be in the army.
B Homer does not want to live with his uncle.
C Homer’s brother has been sent into the army.
D Homer wants to be in the army, but he is too young.
Where does Homer go in a hot-air balloon?
F to Maine
G to Alabama
H to the White House
I to the Battle of Gettysburg
Which word best describes how Homer feels when he sees his brother?
A excited
B happy
C relieved
D shcked
What reason did Harold give Homer for wanting to be inthe army?
F He did not want to take care of Homer anymore.
G He wanted to make his uncle proud.
H He did not want to stay in Maine.
I He wanted to serve the Union.
As Homer chases his brother down the hill during the battle, what does he do?
A shoots the pistol at his brother’s feet
B shoots the pistol and hurts his brother
C shoots the pistol and hurts the sergeant
D shoots the pistol and hits an Alabama soldier
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