Team Leader
by Antreshawn Buhl
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
Engaging Activities
Circle which emoji best tells how you feel right now.
How is your grade level handeling behavior concerns.
Lockdown/Lockout Reflection- Draw a picture of how your team feels the drills are going.
How many copies does your team send to copy center?
Almost All- we plan ahead and only copy at school for last minute necessary assignments or emergencies
Most copies- Most papers get sent off ahead of time, but there are a few sets we need to copy each week
Sometimes-- Send off occassionally but our copier is our friend
Almost No copies- Pretty much all copies are made on campus

How many teachers on your team use circle time? Check all that apply.
I have no idea
I do circle time, but I'm not sure about the rest of my team.
Some of the team does and some of the team does not.
I know that everyone on my team does circle time.
Have you ever heard or used the Formative App?
No I've never heard of this App.
Yes, I have heard or used this App before.
Yes, I have and I have used it in the classroom.
No, but since I'm on it, might as well learn!
Add to my formatives list

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