Industrialization STAAR Review
by Belinda Lawson
| 17 Questions
These environmental modifications were made in order to construct- 8.11B
A Permanent housing for immigrants in urban areas
B Canals that linked the Midwest to the Northeast
C A transcontinental railroad
D A harbor on the Mississppi River
What group was responsible for these contributions to American culture? pg 102 2014-Q52 8.23 D
A Chinese Americans
B African Americans
C German Americans
D Italian Americans
During the early 1800's many young women in New England were employed outside their home as - 8.23E
A Crew members on cargo ships
B Cloth weavers in textile mills
C Staff reporters for local newspapers
D Legal counselors in state courts
These innovations in agriculture and industry resulted in - 8.28A
A Higher consumer costs
B Decreased profits for investors
C Less consumer choice
D More efficient production of goods
Which of these best completes the diagram above? 8.12B
A The demand for slaves increases in the South
B More textile factories are established in the South
C The number of European immigrants arriving at southern port cities increases
D More tobacco and food crops are cultivated on southern plantations
How did the plantation system influence the economic development of the United States? 8.12B
A It prevented the development of industry in the Northeast
B It turned the South into a major producer of the cotton used in northern mills
C It restricted agricultural expansion in the western territories
D It increased federal dependency on tariffs for revenue
How did the development of the factory system encourage urbanization? 8.13B
A Manufacturers produced goods to export overseas
B Labor unions were formed to protect mill workers
C Workers moved closer to manufacturing centers
D Industrializations invested in cotton plantations
Which type of economy is best described by these characteristics? 8.14B
A Subsistence farming
B Free enterprise
C Mercantilism
D Socialism
Which sentences best completes this diagram? 8.23B
A Cities grew rapidly
B Demand for artisans increased
C Farms experienced a shortage of labor
D Government regulation of factories increased
xxxHow did this invention contribute to the expansion of the plantation system? 8.27A
A By reducing the number of slaved needed for growing cotton
B By increasing the time needed to cultivated cotton
C By increasing the profitability of slavery
D By reducing the demand for raw cotton
The innovation shown in this photograph most effected the U.S. economy by - 8.27A
A Decreasing the need for canals
B Allowing more efficient movement of goods
C Reducing the costs of settling in western territories
D Transporting workers from southern states to northern states
How did advancements in industrial technologies affect businesses during the late nineteenth century? 8.27C
A By making handcraftedgoods more affordable
B By improving production methods and increasing competition
C By forcing producers to manufacture multiple products
D By causing an increase in wages for factory workers
The introduction of interchangeable parts led directly to the - 8.27C
A Formation of the patent system
B Creation of labor unions
C Use of mass production techniques
D Eight hour workday
How did the factory system contribute to the rapid indutrialization of the United States? 8.27D
A By using slave labor to mass-produce goods
B By relying on skilled artisans to create custom goods
C By making the production of goods more efficient
D By making the distribution of goods less costly
What was one result of industrialization in the United States in the United States during the mid-1800s? 8.28B
A Sectional differences increased
B The federal government prohibited immigration
C Job opportunities decreased
D Fewer public lands were devoted to transportation
Which of these occurred during early U.S. industrialization? 8.28B
A Manufacturers instituted a five-day workweek
B Labor laws required factories to provide a safe working environment
C Workers were required to attend schools to develop technical skills
D Production of goods transitioned from homes to factories
Which statement best describes a result of industrialization in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century? 8.28 B
A People moved to cities in search of economic opportunity
B Farmers began to cultivate land west of the Appalachian Mountains
C Native peoples were forcibly relocated to western territories
D Government officials began to promote the idea of Manifest Destiny
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