The Colonies Lost DBQ
by Peter Flynn
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
DBQ analysis of Britian losing the colonies
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Why is this picture titled "The Hour of Humiliation"?
News of the British losing the Battle of Yorktown and possibly the war with the colonies has reached the English Parliament
News of the French defeat at the Battle of Yorktown has reached France
King George has announced that he will quit the colonies
Word has reached the Continental Congress that the American Revolutionary War has come to an end
What emotions do you believe are affecting the men in this picture?
They are all happy because England has won the American Revolutionary War
They are angry because England has lost the colonies
The politicians shown in this picture are humiliated because England has lost the war

Can you remember any time in your life that you lost something? In a short paragraph can you describe how you felt? Please explain the event and your emotions?

How does your event compare to the picture reflecting the loss of the colonies in North America, as a result of the news of the Peace Treaty of Paris 1783?
Reading the Voice of America article, do you believe Puerto Rico should apply for statehood, stay a commonwealth (U.S. Territory) or become an independent nation? Explain your reason in a short answer and find one qoute from the article to support your answer.
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