BOOK I Cry the Beloved Country Quiz
by Christopher Glenn
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
The following quiz contains true/false and multiple choice questios from Book I (Cry, the Beloved Country).
10 pts
Msimangu has a "golden voice" that lifts Stephen Kumalo's up when he is in despair
10 pts
Father Vincent is Absaloms lawyer
10 pts
Stephen Kumal says "there is no proof that my son...was there at all"
10 pts
Absalom claims the murder was a mistake due to fear
10 pts
Mr. Carmicheal working on a manuscript called "The Truth about Native Crime"
10 pts
Why did Dubula ask Kumalo and Mismangu to walk instead of taking a bus?
A He wanted them to donate their fare money to home for orphans
B He knew that a terrorist group was going to attack the bus, and wanted to save them.
C The natives who used the bus were protesting a fare increase and were refusing to ride the bus.
D He wanted people to use the new free-enterprise taxi system he had started
10 pts
What did Mrs. Mkize tell them about Absalom?
A He had been stealing goods and was in bad company
B He was attending college and was studying very hard.
C He had been sent to the reformatory.
D He had left the reformatory to be with his girlfriend
10 pts
What is Shanty Town?
A A reformatory school for troubled youth
B The place for the blind where Msimangu and Stephen visit
C An area where natives put up their own homes
D Gertrude sneaks there to sell her liquor and continue prostituting
10 pts
What solutions are presented in Chapter 12 to reduce native crime?
A increase schooling faciliites for natives
B more police and heavier sentences for native housebreakers
C mass genocide
D both A and B
10 pts
How does John decided to handle his son's defense?
A He is not concerned for his son and will not get involved in the case.
B He will have his son tell the absolute truth and beg for mercy.
C He will lie and say that his son wasn't there and says no one will believe Absalom
D He will blame the crime on the victim and all whites in general. Hoping to gain publicity and public sympathy.
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