Biotic and Abiotic Factors
by Dianna Goolsby
| 5 Questions
The aquarium ecosystem below has both biotic and abiotic factors.

Which is an abiotic factor in this ecosystem?
The figure below shows a forest habitat. It has several kinds of organisms living in it. Forest animal species can be affected by events in its environment.
If above-average rainfall led to an increase in the supply of acorns, what would happen to the population of squirrels?
Earth’s environments include both biotic and abiotic factors that living things need to survive. Large mangrove ecosystems are found along the coastlines in Florida. The figure shows a mangrove ecosystem that has both biotic and abiotic factors.
List the abiotic factors in the mangrove ecosystem.
There are four levels of organization in an environment. The figure below shows the levels of organization in a wetland environment. Herons, snails, crabs, grasses, and other organisms live in and around the wetland.
Which level of organization is at each step of the pyramid?
The figure above shows the organisms and other parts of a marsh. Each of its different parts is affected by the other parts. Describe how herons might be affected if a long drought reduced the amount of water in the marsh?
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