Quiz Chapter 5 American Government
by George Brittle
| 10 Questions
When a bill comes to a vote on a House floor, you know that it has
A been revised through the process of concurrent jurisdiction
B achieved a majority of members in support
C also been considered on the Senate
D passed through the House of Rules Committee
Which of these statements is true for both the House of Representatives and the Senate?
A Members represent a particular district
B Members must be a least 30 years old
C Population dictates the number of members
D Members get allowances to visit their states
Which is a key difference between the Senate and the House?
A In the Senate, each state has an equal voice during debate.
B In the Senate, bills on the floor must pass unanimously.
C In the Senate, political parties have no significant influence.
D In the Senate, many more bills are passed than in the House.
Counterterrorism and Intelligence is most likely a subcommittee of which of these standing committees in the House?
A Foreign Affairs
B Homeland Security
C Oversight and Government Reform
D Transportation and Infrastructure
Which two individuals share the duty of presiding over the Senate?
A Majority leader and majority whip
B Vice president and majority leader
C Vice president and president pro tempore
D Majority leader and minority leader
Which of these Senate procedures requires cooperation between the parties?
A filibuster
B unanimous consent
C cloture resolution
D placing holds
If a member wishes to have power over a bill after it has been passed, the member should request a position on which type of committee?
A subcommittee of a standing committee
B joint committee
C conference committee
D select committee
One political party has consistently won a House seat within a particular district with 75-80% of the vote. Then, one year, the other party wins the seat with 85% of the vote. This result could be evidence of which of the following?
A censure
B reapportionment
C incumbent advantage
D gerrymandering
Which committee types has the greatest powers over the movement of a bill through Congress?
A the House Rules Committee
B joint committees
C select committees
D standing committees
Which of these is likely to occur during a congressional session?
A Neither the House nor the Senate adjourns until all work is completed.
B Either the House or the Senate works during the end-of-year holidays.
C Both the House and the Senate are in operation at the same time.
D Both the House and the Senate are adjourned for months in the summer.
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