While I Was Out
by Anna Montes| 1 Question
Note from the author:
This is a short essay
Good morning class obviously I have been out a long time to make sure my baby was old enough for me to leave her and come back ready to be the best teacher I can be. This is a writing activity for me to catch up with each and every one of you. I have missed all of you and wish I could have come back sooner. Your writing responses do not have to be long. It can be short complete sentences (sure it's titled as an essay but I don't need an essay).

Write down three things that you learned in the last 16 weeks (science related).
Did you learn a life lesson?
Tell me two things that I missed while I was gone (that were important to you).
Tell me what your favorite Christmas present was and why was it your favorite.
Did you pray for anyone?
Did you learn any fun gross science things while I was away?

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