Using a Dream to Inspire a Song or a Story
by Kelyn Dewar
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
This is a warmup for getting ideas for narrative writing. It uses a Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney telling about how a dream gave him the idea to write Let it Be.
Paul McCartney is part of the band called The Beatles. They were famous when Mrs. Dewar was your age. You probably know some of their songs like Yellow Submarine and Imagine. I hope that you also know the song called, Let It Be. In this video you will listen to a Carpool Karaoke, where James Cordon interviews Paul in his car. Paul tells how he got his idea for writing the song Let it Be , and then they sing it together, kind of like Karaoke!
What are some ways that you get ideas for your writing? Choose as many as you like.
A Things that I love
B Places that I have been
C People that I know
D Dreams that I have had
Why do you think that James Corden, the driver, was crying after singing with Paul McCartney?

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