Assessment 1: Cite Textual Evidence
by Valarie Riley
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Complete formative quiz.
Which does NOT describe an inference?
An educated guess
Taking what you see and adding what you know to draw a conclusion
Summarizing a story based on the characters and plot
Using clues and evidence to "read between the lines"
Analyze the Facebook profile below. What can you infer about this lady based on her profile?
She lives in China.
She publishes books.
She loves her career more than family.
She is world-famous with many fans.
What can you infer from the text message conversation below? Select all that apply.
This is a couple who currently lives away from each other.
Work and money obligations are negatively affecting their relationship.
They will see each other again in several months.
They will live together again in 2 weeks.
One of them is a tradesman.
They were not being paid enough at home.
Read the passage below. Select the best evidence to support the statement that the narrator's house doesn't have running water.
Sentence 1
Sentence 2
Sentence 4
Sentence 5
Sentence 7
In this passage, the narrator talks about her memories of her mother. Underline the best evidence to support the statement that the narrator treasures her memories of her mother.
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