Argumentative Writing Formative Assessment
by Jordan Kushinka
| 5 Questions
1 pt
Should schools remove their dress code policy and allow students to wear what they want? Yes or No. Establish your claim and give two pieces of support to back your claim.

1 pt
Do parents have a right to have access to their child’s social media sites? Yes or no. Establish your claim and audience. Provide two pieces of support to back up your claim.

1 pt
Should administrators be allowed to search students lockers whenever the want? Yes or no. Establish a claim and provide two pieces of support to back up your claim. Indicate the counterclaim. Explain why the counterclaim is not correct in a respectful manner.

1 pt
Thinking back to each question, why is it important to provide support for your claim?

1 pt
Why should you always include the counterclaim within your argumentative essay?

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