Main Idea and Supporting Details
by Yanel Ramirez Flores
| 10 Questions
Watch the Brain Pop Jr. video. Then, read the task cards and answer the main idea and supporting details questions that follow each story.
1 pt
What is the main idea?
A Crum kept slicing potatoes and cooking them.
B George Crum was a chef.
C Potato chips are tasty treats.
D The potato chip was invented accidentally.
1 pt
What is the main idea?
A Rhinos have three toes on their feet.
B The rhinoceros lives in Southeast Africa.
C The rhinoceros is an unusual animal.
D Rhinoceros are very large animals.
1 pt
What is the main idea?
A Dr. Suess' life was interesting.
B We celebrate Dr. Suess every year in March.
C Dr. Suess' real name is Theodore Geisel.
D He made animated training films for the army.
1 pt
What is the main idea?
A A polar bear’s requirements are very different than a monitor lizard's.
B An animal's habitat is its home.
C Some animals live in the tundra and others live in the forest.
D Animals are different from each other.
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What is the main idea?
A Rocks are named according to how they are created.
B Rocks are found all over the world.
C There are three types of rocks.
D Rocks can change from one form to another.
1 pt
Which of the following statements support the main idea?
A Sedimentary rocks are made of bits of sand.
B There are three kinds of rocks.
C Metamorphic rocks start out as sedimentary or igneous rocks but are
changed due to tremendous heat and pressure.
D Volcanoes spew out molten rmagma.
1 pt
What is the main idea of the selection?
A Dolphins are interesting creatures.
B Dolphins look like fish.
C Dolphins are mammals.
D Dolphin mothers feed their babies milk.
1 pt
Which statement best supports the main idea, " A Koala bear is a member of the marsuial family"?
A The mother koala cares for the young koala until it is able to survive on its own.
B Koala bears are called joeys.
C Kaola mothers have a pouch to carry their babies.
D Kaola babies are tiny and helpless.
1 pt
What is the main idea of the selection?
A The Slinky was invented by accident by someone working on a navy ship.
B Richard Jones realized that kids would love the toy he created.
C Richard Jones was a naval engineer during World War II.
D Jones was trying to make a meter that monitored power on battleships.
1 pt
Which statement below supports the main idea of the selection?
A One of the tension springs dropped to the ground.
B The spring kept bouncing on the ground and Jones realized it could be a toy children would love.
C The Slinky was created.
D Jones started working with the tension springs.
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