RBE 3 Crossing the Street
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Note from the author:
Reading test prep
How does Juan know that the woman needs help?
A. He introduces himself.
B. The woman has missed the light several times.
C. She twisted her ankle and called out to help people around her for help.
D. He holds her arm.
The story says that one never realized how quickly the light changes. why do you think that is?
A. He is scared of the street and doesn’t like to think about it.
B. He can walk across the street quickly so he never noticed it.
C. He does not drive yet so he doesn’t think about lights.
D. He has too much homework to have time to worry about the lights.
Which of these is NOT a reason the woman had trouble crossing the street.?
A. She moved slowly.
B. She couldn’t quite see when the light changed.
C. She was afraid of the potholes.
D. She couldn’t hear when the cars were coming.
How is Juan similar to th woman?
A. He has trouble crossing the street.
B. He doesn’t hear very well, especially near streets.
C. He also needs help from time to time.
D. He is afraid of the potholes.
Anna’s name is spelled the same when you write it backwards. If you write the letters of her name in reverse order, they spell Anna. Some other words that are spelled the same when you write the letters in reverse order are mom, level, and radar. The word “apple“ is NOT. It spells “elppa” backwards. Which of these words is spelled the same when you write it backwards?
A. never
B. racecar
C. bad
D. backwards
Find the word or words that best completes the sentence.
The woman with the ones help, could cross the street _____ then without his help.
A. quickly
B. more quickly
C. most quickly
D. quickest
Find the word that best completes the sentence.
I would like to help _____ when we cross the street.
A. he
B. him
C. himself
D. his
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