Asia Unit 1 Review
by Patrick Garmon
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
asian brown cloud
What is a archipelago?
A an ancient mountain that is under the Ocean
B a scientist that studies the earth
C a group or chain of islands
D an ancient landform that "juts" into the Ocean, usually only has water on three sides.
When it comes to reincarnation, what do Hindus believe?
A That there is only one God
B All men are equal and should be treated with equal kindness
C The cow is considered a sacred and important animal
D The soul returns to life in another body, after death
How does one achieve salvation in the Buddhist religion?
A by giving up selfish desires
B being confirmed and baptised
C following the 5 pillars
D Saying 5 prayers a day facing Beijing
There are around 3-4 million followers of Shintoism. Where would most of these followers be found?
A India
B China
C Japan
D Myanmar

Identify the highlighted country
A China
B Thailand
C Myanmar
D Vietnam
India has good fertile land and ample water supplies. Which of the following statements supports this fact?
A There are very few of India's largest cities located along the Ganges River
B Most of India's population makes their living through farming and other agricultural work
C Mining is the most profitable and important industry in India's economy
D Most of India's population lives in the hilly north, away from the seasonal monsoons
Floods along this river often cause great suffering, that is why it is called "China's Sorrow". What river is this?
A Huang He
B Yangtze
C Mekong
D Indus
Although the 3 Gorges dam has brought much needed hydroelectric power to parts of China, it has not come without its issues, such as, pollution increase and millions left without consummable drinking water. What river is effected by the 3 Gorges dam?
A Mekong
B Indus
C Huang He
D Yangtze
What area of Chinese culture did Confucianism help influence?
A the prison system
B school and education
C sports and recreation
D government and social order
What type of environmental issue is the Asian Brown Cloud?
A Air Pollution
B Toxic water found in the Yangtze River
C It is a "brown cloudy lake" found near Beijing
D Water Pollution
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