Foundational Chemistry Video Lab
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by John Lundy
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
A Video lab looking at the essential prerequisites for complex organic life like that of humans.
According to the video, the universe is fit for what kind of life?
Silicon Based Life
Hydrogen Based Life
Carbon Based life
Oxygen Based Life
None of these
All of these
What are the 4 foundamental forces of nature?
Strong Nuclear Force
Atomic Force
Week Nuclear Force
Relative Force
Electromagnetic force
Evolutionary force
Gravitational force
Where are the elements needed for life to exist produced?
The Big Bang
Black Wholes
Stars going supernova
None of these
All of these
According to the video, which of these are factors that make carbon especialy suited for life?
Can form multiplpe bonds with self and other atoms
Forms staable bonds with self and other atoms
Large range of temperature tollerance
Can form an almost endless array of molecules
According to the video, which of these factors make water ideally suited for life?
Capacity to act as a universal solvent
Less chemiscly reactive than other solvents
Exists at extreme temperatures
Low Viscoscity
Low Mass
High Heat Copacity
Inabilaty to conduct electricity
Evaperative cooling
Less dence that it's liquid form
Lighter than air as a gas
plays no role in the distribution of neutriants
According to the video, which of these are key characteristics of oxygen that make it ideal for complexe life?
Ability to slowly combust hydrocarbons
It's very abundant
It burns
Exists in the atmosphere in the correct amounts necessery
Composes more than half of the atmosphere
Exists in a diatomic/stable state
Does not absorb heat/is not a greenhouse gass
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