Gizmo Station and Marble Lab Entrance Slip
by Jacob Reilly
| 3 Questions
While dropping objects in the Free Fall Tower Gizmo in a "vacuum"...
A. The objects fell at different rates based on their mass
B. The objects all fell at the same rate regardless of mass
C. The objects fell at different rates based on their surface area
D. The objects fell slower in the vacuum than in normal air
During the Marble Lab experiment, when we increased the force being applied to the marble we thereby increased what other variable(s)?
A. Its final velocity
B. The time it spent in the air
C. Tha amount of gravity acting on it
D. Both A and B
At what point during the marble's launch did it have the highest velocity?
A. The instant before it hit the ground
B. When it was sitting in the Marble chamber waiting to be fired
C. When it was at its highest point
D. Halfway between its highest point and hitting the ground
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