Multiply a Three-Digit Number by a two-Digit Number
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by May Voltz
| 4 Questions
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The Baskerville family wants to install hardwood floors in their new home. The house is 123 feet long and 48 feet wide. How many square feet of florring will they need for their new home?
4904 square feet
5804 square feet
5904 square feet
4894 square feet
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Mrs. Panjay's company uses 625 beads on each dress. How many beads will she need to buy if she plans to make 31 dresses for an upcoming festival?

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A new office building has 14 rooms that each have a floor area of 735 square feet and 8 rooms that each have a floor area of 850 square feet. What is the total floor area, in square feet, of these rooms?

17,090 square feet
10,290 square feet
10,970 square feet
9,740 square feet
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Analyze this student's work. Where did they go wrong? Can you fix their error(s)? What would you tell this student to help them?
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