"Tough Times"
by Linda Deforest
| 5 Questions
1 pt
Check all that are correct: Some of the causes of the great depression include
A People were overspending
B People Borrowed money they could not pay back
C Farmers were able to produce enough crops
D spending money on unessesary items
1 pt
Before the Great Depression, many people had never gone to a charity association, like a soup kitchen that gave out free meals.
1 pt
President Roosevelt worried about children being kept out of school to work. He Signed a law that said that young childrent could not work long hours in factories. Do you agree or disagree with President Roosevelt's thinking? Explain in at least three sentences below.

1 pt
What happens when there are too many workers and not enough jobs?
A people are unemployed
B nothing happens
C the economy will begin to suffer
D Both A and C
1 pt
One of the main causes of the Dust Bowl was
A People became homeless
B Drought
C Excessive rainfall
D A decline in job availability
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