PopQuiz 1
by Science physics
| 5 Questions
1 pt
The two forces which make up Newton's third law ......
act on same objects
act on different objects
are not acting at same time
are not acting oppositely
1 pt
When two objects are in contact, they exert forces in........
opposite direction
same directions
can be in both directions
perpendicular directions
1 pt
The statement 'For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction' refers to....
Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Newton's Second Law of Motion.
The Law of Conservation of Momentum.
1 pt
According to Newton's third law of motion F(A on B) is equal to...
F (A on A)
F (B on A)
-F (B on A)
All of the answer are correct
1 pt
If you push against a tree with a force of 25 N to the left, the reaction will be......
5 N up
25 N down
25 N to the right
150 N to the left
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