B2 listening, practise exam 1
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by Rian van den Boogaard
| 20 Questions
Note from the author:
Listening comprehension test at B2 (upper-intermediate) level.
1 pt
Why do worms prefer this area to the grass surrounding it? (multiple answers possible)
A it is darker
B it is higher
C it is safer
D it is wetter
1 pt
Why should you put your compost on the soil just before winter?
A because that way it will contain its moisture
B because that way it will contain its air
C because that way it will contain its nutrients
1 pt
What can be concluded after watching this video?
A They have certain characteristics bred into them.
B They have certain characteristics which are specific to their family.
C They have certain characteristics because of the climate they live in.
D They have certain characteristics because they are closely related to the wolf.
1 pt
Why do they have the dark coat colour?
A so that the reindeer would recognize them
B so that the reindeer would think they were a bear
C so that the reindeerherder could easily see them
1 pt
Why is the laphund's bark the way it is? (multiple answers possible).
A to be able to get the reindeer's attention
B to be able to put the reindeer's mind at ease
C to be able to get the herder's attention
D to be able to get the reindeer in motion
1 pt
What would be the best home for a laphund?
A a terraced house in a cold country
B a detached home in a cold country
C a terraced house in a warm country
D a detached house in a warm country
1 pt
How would you describe the resident's attitude towards this project?
A They agree with it
B They disagree with it
C They have resigned
D They fight it
1 pt
What is the island they create going to be used for? (multiple answers possible)
A housing
B hospitality
C recreation
D transport
1 pt
What was the area where the nursery is situated originally used for?
A a landfill
B a parking lot
C a park
D a residential area
1 pt
What is the biggest threat to the tree canopy in Tacoma?
A species that are not native to the area
B the lack of funding from the government
C the pollution of the air
D the lack of good planting material
1 pt
How do they propagate the use of native species? (multiple answers possible)
A They plant native species grown from clippings.
B They plant native species grown from seedlings.
C They remove as many invasive species as possible.
D They remove all plants from areas full of invasive species.
1 pt
Why do some people propagate the eating of bugs?
A Because it is more sustainable.
B Because they cause less climate change.
C Because you will be able to feed more people that way.
1 pt
Why is eating insects healthier than eating meat?
A they contain fewer calories
B they contain less fat
C they contain more protein
D they contain more vitamins
1 pt
Why are insects a more sustainable food source than meat? (multiple answers possible)
A they emit fewer pollutants
B they require far less recourses
C they are cheaper to produce
D they don't have to be transported
1 pt
What could make eating insects more attractive to westerners
A only using parts of the insects in the food
B the fact that it is cheaper than eating meat
C only using substanced derived from the insects
D a marketing campaign focused on the sustainability
1 pt
What determines the amount of volunteers they have at the site depend on?
A the amount of work they have
B the availability of the volunteers
C the space they have for the volunteers to sleep
1 pt
What is not allowed when you are on the beach? (multiple answers possible)
A the use of alcohol
B taking pictures
C mobile phones
D eating
E flashlights
F use of Deet
1 pt
What is a problem they have had to deal with recently?
A the fact that the turtles dig deeper to lay their eggs
B the fact that there are more and more poachers
C the fact that the beach is slowly dissapearing in to the ocean
D the fact that climate change makes the sea level rise
1 pt
For what kind of person is this sort of bike meant according to the presenter?
A a person who is lazy
B a person who is out of shape
C a person who wants to do al lot in little time
D a person who want to try a the latest gadgets
1 pt
What do e bikes have to offer to mountainbikers?
A easier acces to difficult routes
B easier cycling for unfit people
C more possibilities for cyclists to enjoy biking
D more possibilities for cyclist to use the latest technology
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