Journey into the Deep-Comprehension Test
by Esteban Martinez| 5 Questions
Read the following questions carefully. You may look back at the selection to help find the answer to each question.
Why did scientists conduct the Census of Marine Life?
A to study only deep sea animals
B to find unknown ocean animals
C to count every organism that lives in the ocean
D to learn more about the ocean and everything that lives in it
How do most animals in the deep sea survive where the
water pressure is so great?
F They are bioluminescent.
G They live as hosts in other animals.
H They have hard or rubbery bodies with no air spaces.
I They have tiny air pockets that reduce the water pressure.
What is chemosynthesis?
A making food using a chemical source
B making food using energy from sunlight
C using chemicals to help animals move to new vents
D using chemicals to make the bodies of deep sea animals glow
Why do scientists not know how new vent communities form?
F Vent communities are too difficult to reach.
G The animals that live in vent communities cannot move.
H Animals that live in vent communities do not produce eggs.
I They do not understand how the larvae fi nd vents as they drift.
After reading the passage, you can conclude that
A scientists will continue to study animals in all parts of the ocean.
B scientists will soon know about all animals that inhabit the ocean.
C scientists will focus their research on animals found around cold seeps.
D scientists will focus their research on animals found around hydrothermal vents.

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