Cell Structure Part 2 Concept Review
by John Lundy
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
A review assignment looking at the differences in cells and the tools we used to find those differences
1 pt
If a peripheral membrane protein were synthesized in the lumen (inside) of the ER, would it end up on the
inside or outside of the plasma membrane? Explain

1 pt
When viewing a specimen through a light microscope,
scientists use ________ to distinguish the individual
components of cells.
a. a beam of electrons
b. radioactive isotopes
c. special stains
d. high temperatures
1 pt
The ________ is the basic unit of life.
a. organism
b. cell
c. tissue
d. organ
1 pt
20. In your everyday life, you have probably noticed that
certain instruments are ideal for certain situations. For
example, you would use a spoon rather than a fork to eat
soup because a spoon is shaped for scooping, while soup
would slip between the tines of a fork. The use of ideal
instruments also applies in science. In what situation(s)
would the use of a light microscope be ideal, and why?

1 pt
21. In what situation(s) would the use of a scanning
electron microscope be ideal, and why?

1 pt
26. You already know that ribosomes are abundant in red
blood cells. In what other cells of the body would you find
them in great abundance? Why?

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