Your brain & alcohol wrap-up
by Ruth Kuzmanic
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
used after lessons on the effects of alcohol use on the teenage brain
1 pt
What part of the brain is still undergoing the most change during the teen years?
A hippocampus
B pre-frontal cortex
C executive function region
D limbic region
1 pt
Underage drinkers have a smaller hippocampus by up to _______%
1 pt
How many drinks would constitute a binge episode for a 17 year old male? Enter a number
A 10
B 8
C 6
D 4
1 pt
How many drinks would constitute a binge episode for a 17 year old Female? Enter a number
A 6
B 5
C 4
D 3
1 pt
Choose the best description of executive function.
A memory
B decision making
C impulse control
D learning
1 pt
Use of mood mood modifying drugs results in
A increased of dopamine
B increase of cortisol
C increase of dopamine receptors
D increase of cortisol receptors
1 pt
After repeated use of these mood modifying drugs, what is the effect on the neurotransmitter receptors?
A shuts off the neurotransmitter receptors
B increases the absorption effectiveness of the neurotransmitter receptors
C adds more neurotransmitter receptors
1 pt
Alcohol use reduces plasticity of the teen brain. What is the result?
A reduces ability to process information
B increases ability to adapt
C increases ability to adjust to new situations
D reduces ability for new learning
1 pt
List 5 factors that determine the blood alcohol concentration.
1 pt
Use the words teen brain, addicted, receptors and neurotransmitters to explain the effects of drinking during one's teen years.
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