Who Would You Hire?
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by Randal Belisle
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Note from the author:
This is a career and job introduction for students to consider who they would hire in an interview and how they might wish to prepare for their first interviews going into the workforce.
READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY: Once you select play, the following 3:28-long video will play until finished. You may watch it again after it stops by clicking on the play button again when it pops up, but please do not click on the YouTube link and travel outside of this Goformative to view the full video version until you have submitted your answers below. When finally submitted, if you'd like you may view the entire 6:52-long version to review why they chose the person based upon the first 30 seconds impression. Please be honest with this by following directions and not viewing the full video until you've submitted. (Don't cheat. It's like golf. It is only fun if you are honest with yourself and others.)
Who would you hire?
Explain all the reasons why you would hire the person you chose from the video in the space provided below. Submit your answers by clicking submit below. We will review some of the answers in our next Business Buds' meeting.
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