Ms. Foulds--Gr.8s Exit Slip
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by Aaron Stephens
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Exit Slip
1 pt
What could Mr. Stephens do next time he is in your class in order to help you learn better or more effectively?
1 pt
What is something that Mr.Stephens has done to improve your learning? Is there anything in particular that he has done that you have enjoyed?
1 pt
Is there a certain situation or event that you wished I handled differently? This is a growing opportunity and I would like to know your input so I can reflect for next time.
1 pt
Do you believe I model and show to you the qualities and characteristics of a good teacher? If not, what quality, trait, or characteristic do you think I need to work on so I can become a better teacher?
1 pt
Is there anything else you wish to share with me?
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