Math SOL 4.9 Elapsed Time
by Natalie Davis
| 5 Questions
Sarah's science class started at 7:18. It ended at 8:49. How long did Sarah's science class last?
A) 60 minutes
B) 80 minutes
C) 90 minutes
D) 91 minutes
Four friends took turns playing a video game. They started at 5:30pm. They each got to play for 15 minutes. What time did they finish?
A 5:45pm
B 6:00pm
C 6:15pm
D 6:30pm
The bus arrives each day at 9:15 to take Robert to school. Robert wakes up at 7:55. How much time does Robert have to eat breakfast and get ready before the bus arrives? Show your work below using a number line.
A 1 hour
B 1 hour 15 min
C 1 hour 20 min
D 1 hour 25 min
Mr. Hall gave his students a math puzzle at 12:13 pm. It took most people 52 minutes to complete the puzzle. At what time were most people finished with the puzzle?
A) 1:13 pm
B) 12: 52 pm
C) 1:05 pm
D) 1:07 pm
The basketball game started at 6:10 pm. The teams played for 15 minutes in the first half and 20 minutes in the second half. What time was the game over?
A 6:25pm
B 6:30pm
C 6:35pm
D 6:45pm
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