Metamorphosis Checkpoint
by Coral Zayas
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
TEKS 5.10C Metamorphosis
Incomplete metamorphosis is different than complete metamorphosis because an insect that goes through incomplete metamorphosis ....
A: does not begin as an egg
B: does not go through the pupa stage
C: is always born under the water
D: will not have wings when it is an adult
A new species of insect is discovered. What observation could be made to determine if this new insect undergoes complete or incomplete metamorphosis? Only if the insect undergoes complete metamorphosis, will scientists observe
A: an adult with wings
B: offspring that resemble adults
C: a pupa, or resting stage
D: a female laying eggs
A dragonfly’s life cycle is shown above. In a dragonfly’s life cycle, the stage that flies around is also the stage that
A: lives underwater
B: lays eggs
C: becomes a nymph
D: eats plants
A: a tadpole
B: a pupa
C: a larva
D: an egg
These diagrams show the life cycles of a lady bug and a grasshopper. What stage in a lady bug life cycle, that is missing in the grasshopper life cycle, allows someone to identify the ladybug as undergoing complete metamorphosis?
A: Eggs
B: Nymph
C: Pupa
D: Adult
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