Women Surfers
by Jaclyn Roman
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Students will use LAFS standards to respond to questions about "Women surfers break a big-wave barrier in California" from Newsela.
Which section of the article highlights the idea that many people are still frustrated with the lack of inclusion for female surfers at Titans of Mavericks?
Introduction [paragraphs 1-3]
"Big-Wave Contest Is By Invitation Only"
"Organizers Agree To Continue To Include Females"
"Women Have Played A Role In The Past"
Read the section "Decision Keeps Things Moving In The Right Direction." Select the paragraph that suggests that Mavericks organizers still have reservations about including women in this year's competition.
Many called the addition of a women's heat a step in the right direction. However they wanted to see a traditional contest format with more heats, and prize money equal to what male competitors receive. They want representatives on the selection committee picked by female big-wave surfers.
Maverick's representatives said they supported including more women. Still, they remained concerned about pushing the limits of safety. They say these waves are bigger, colder and deadlier than at other surfing locations.
They estimated there are fewer than 10 professional female surfers able to compete at this level and said the tight contest schedule makes it difficult to add heats.
Select TWO central ideas of the article
The 2016-17 Titans of Mavericks competition will include women for the first time this year.
Titans of Mavericks claim that women were not intentionally excluded from the competition.
Most contest organizers think big wave surfing is too dangerous for women.
Many in the surfing community are still divided over whether women have enough access to high-profile surfing contests.
Surfing is a male dominiated industry.
Select two sentences to support the central ideas selected.
"This is a great step forward for our sport, women's athletics and women. You know, it's about human rights," said Bianca Valenti.
This month, however, the California Coastal Commission shattered the difficult-to-see glass ceiling that has quietly blocked women from the surfing world.
Commissioner Martha McClure said she found it "disheartening in the soul of my being" that organizers seemed to add a women's heat only when it appeared they might not get their permit. Commissioners said if the organizers came back with a comprehensive plan for women within the next year, they might consider a multiyear permit.
Still, they remained concerned about pushing the limits of safety. They say these waves are bigger, colder and deadlier than at other surfing locations.
The contest, which has been held nine times since 1998, is invitation-only.
Which sentences from the section "Organizers Agree To Continue To Include Females" helps develop the central idea that the surfing community is divided in providing access to women? You may need to choose more than one.
For this year's contest, the Coastal Commission granted a one-year permit to Titans of Mavericks
Titans also had to agree to continue work on further inclusion of female surfers.
"While it's great that we have a heat, that's not a plan."
October, Cartel applied for a four-year permit and proposed an outreach program for women, commission officials said.
The commission sharply criticized the event for failing to prepare a detailed plan to include women.
Write the central idea of the section "Women Have Played A Role In The Past".
Select two sentences from the text to support the central idea you came up with for "Women Have Played A Role In The Past".
"Since the beginning of the event, women have never been excluded from that," said Cassandra Clark, a member of the contest board. She said women have never been intentionally left out of the event. 
Clark noted that women have been selected as alternates, judges and committee members.
Brian Waters of Cartel Management said organizers were not pleased with the one-year permit.
"This puts our business at risk and is damaging. ... We had a plan," Waters said.
The female surfers selected for this year's competition are Sarah Gerhardt, Jamilah Star, Emily Erickson, Paige Alms, Keala Kennelly and Andrea Moller.
Valenti's supporters believe she deserved to be chosen for the heat and that her designation as an alternate was political.
Write an objective summary of the text. This should be 3-4 sentences long.
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