Feathers in the Wind - Quiz
by Daniel Wright
| 16 Questions
1 pt
What is the setting for most of the scenes of the play?
A present day in Eastern Europe
B long ago in Eastern Europe
C present day in America
D long ago in America
1 pt
The word rumor in the sentence “Who even knows if this rumor is true?” is closest in meaning to ______.
A lie
B message
C quote
D gossip
1 pt
Which is a consequence of Jacob telling stories about the honey cakes?
A The rabbi goes to Jacob’s house for a talk.
B Golda no longer wants to be his friend.
C People stop buying Miriam’s cakes.
D Other kids won’t sit next to Golda at lunch.
1 pt
At the end of Scene 4, you can infer that Jacob feels sick because he . . .
A ate a honey cake that had bees inside.
B threw his lunch out instead of eating it.
C feels guilty that his stories are causing problems for Miriam and Golda
D is afraid Golda will find out that he is the one who spread the rumors.
1 pt
What is the moral of the play?
A Choose your friends carefully.
B Rumors spread quickly and can’t be controlled.
C People don’t believe liars, even when they tell the truth.
D You should appreciate when people share with you.
1 pt
Which line from the play expresses a similar idea to the answer to question 5?
A “Your words are like the feathers that were carried away by the wind.”
B “Jacob, is this just another one of your crazy stories?”
C “Jacob must have felt so terrible!”
D “It’s a Yiddish word for ‘small village.’”
1 pt
One way that Ethan and Jacob are similar is they both . . .
A know Hannah’s grandmother.
B like to spread rumors.
C grew up in a small town.
D ask their rabbi for help.
1 pt
The “feathers” in the title of the play refer to . . .
A wishes
B good intentions
C dreams
D rumors
consequences (noun) = results

flushes (verb) = becomes red in the face because of heat or emotion

gossip (noun) = information about the behavior and personal lives of other people. Gossip can be either true or untrue

rabbi (noun) = a Jewish religious leader, sometimes also a teacher

rumor (noun) = a story or report that is passed from person to person but that may not be true

Yiddish (noun) = a language based on German that is written in Hebrew letters. It was originally spoken by Jewish people from central and eastern Europe.
1 pt
What would likely be the consequences of not cleaning your room for a month?
A You would get extra allowance from your parents.
B You would get a high five from your parents.
C You would get a scolding or a punishment from your parents.
D You would get to go to the zoo.
1 pt
Which of the following would most likely cause someone’s face to flush?
A reading a book
B getting a compliment
C getting ready for bed
D eating breakfast
1 pt
Which of the following means the opposite of rumor?
A tale
B talk
C conversation
D evidence
1 pt
Where would you most likely see a rabbi?
A at a synagogue or temple
B in a movie theater
C on a soccer field
D at a candy store
1 pt
Who would most likely share gossip with you?
A your dog
B your baby sister
C your best friend
D your teacher
1 pt
Select the best sentence to follow: “Aaron decided to take a Yiddish class.”
A He wanted to be able to have a conversation with his great-grandfather from Poland.
B He wanted to be able to have conversations with his friends at school.
C He was planning to travel to Japan.
D He hoped to become a great mathematician.
Short Answer Scale Rubric:

4 = Uses evidence and quotes from the text; Follows rules of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization; Uses one or more transitions; May attempt figurative language; May use content specific vocabulary

3 = Uses evidence from the text; Follows most of the rules of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization; Uses one simple transition

2 = Answers in complete sentences; Some mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization that interfere with the readability; Probably less than three sentences

1 = Incomplete sentences or one single sentence; Difficult to read due to mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
4 pts
How does Jacob try to make up for the problems he caused when he lied about the honey cakes?

4 pts
How does Bubby teach Hannah about the dangers of gossip? How does the rabbi help Jacob understand the same thing?

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