Algebra 1 8-5 Primer: Factoring x² + 5x + 6 with Tiles
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by Matthew Richardson
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Note from the author:
A quadratic factoring primer activity with virtual algebra tiles.
Click here to create a copy of a Google Drawings algebra tiles. Use the drawing to complete the items below.

The rectangles (aka algebra tiles) on the left of the drawing are positive. Those on the right are negative.
The large white area on the canvas in the center of the drawing is called the stage.
You may need to create duplicates of certain tiles in order to complete this activity. To do so, select a tile and copy then paste. The copy should appear on top of and slightly offset from the original tile.

NOTE: The 8-1 through 8-3 primers are prerequisites for this activity. If you have not successfully completed those, please do so before moving on.
Model It:

1. Add tiles to your stage to model the following trinomial in your Google Drawing.
2. Check your work.
3. Screenshot your model and upload it to the Formative canvas.
Form a Rectangle:

1. Arrange all of the tiles on your stage so that they form a rectangle. The top-left corner of the rectangle should line up with the top-left corner of the stage where the two line segments intersect. Note that you should neither resize the tiles nor rotate them. Simply drag and drop to form the rectangle.

2. Screenshot the rectangle you created and upload it to the Formative canvas.
Functionalized Placeholder
Frame It: The model in the image shows an example of your next step, framing the top and left edges of your rectangle with tiles. Note that the model in the image should not match yours.

1. Frame the rectangle in your own model similarly.
2. Screenshot your framed rectangle and upload it to the Formative canvas.
Interpret the Model: At this point, based on the area model of multiplication, your stage should represent the expression below as a rectangle and its factors as a frame.
Identify the factors of the expression. Select all that apply.
x + 5
x + 2
x + 3
x + 1
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