Unit 3 Virtual Lab
by John Lundy
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
An extensive virtual lab looking at cellular respiration.
Go To:
Use the login you made the last time you visited this lab. If you cannot remember this login, use another email address and make another login that you will remember.
Then, Click on the “simulator” tab and look over the variables being tested. Write a hypothesis about which variable will most impact the rate of cellular respiration.

Next, create a data table for all variables which will show all 100 possible combinations of variables. Run the experiment for every variable and report your completed data table below. You only need to perform 1 trial per variable for this lab.
1pt) all veriables represented
1pt) all veriables tested
1pt) data table is organized
Create a graph or graphs to represent your data and upload it/them here.
1pt) all variable represented
1pt) appropriate graphs used
Write a conclusion which summarizes your findings

1pt) data referenced
1pt) graphs referenced
1pt) explanation of findings
1pt) support for or invalidation of hypothesis established.

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