Atomic Bomb Documents
by Karl Eliason| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
APUSH Atomic Bomb Documents
What was General Eisenhower's main concern about the use of the atomic bomb?
The bomb would create too large a loss of live to be used.
The bomb might fall into the hands of Japanese scientists who might use it againt the United States
The bomb was untested and therefore unlikely to work
The bomb was unnessessary as Japan was already on the verge of surrender through traditional tactics
What was Truman's reasoning for dropping the atomic bomb?
He wanted to cause as much damage to Japan as possible
He wanted to end the war as quickly as possible.
He wanted revenge for the attack on Pearl Harbor
He believed the bomb was the olny possible way to end the war.
What challenges stand in the way of the United States perpetuating world peace?
Regret over the use of the bomb will cause the United States to refuse to use it again
The fearsome power of the bomb will cause the United States to destroy the technology permanently.
The unforseen radiation sickness will create such widespread destruction as to cause the world to strictly control the use of nuclear weapons
Other nations will quickly develop nuclear technology meaning the next global war might destroy humanity

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