Germs Assessment
by Bailey Stokes
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Germ Assessment
1 pt
Paragraphs 2-7 are important to the story because they...
A Explain the four different types of germs
B To provide details on where you might find germs
C Explain the length that these germs can live in your body
D Show how doctor's diagnose an illness
1 pt
Which part of the article helps the reader understand what each germ looks like?
A What Do Germs Do?
B How Can You Protect Yourself From Germs?
C What Types of Germs Are There?
D The first paragraph
1 pt
The reader can conclude that protozoa is commonly found in places such as-
A Door knob or counter top
B Athlete's feet
C Ears
D Swimming pools or wet places
1 pt
In paragraph 4, the word vaccine means-
A A program designed to detect computer viruses and inactivate them.
B Provide immunity against one or several diseases
C Healthy germs
D Test to identify an illness
1 pt
Write a summary based on the text, "Germs"
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