This is for the Birds...
by Jonathan Taylor
| 10 Questions
For the Birds: Watch this video, yet remember to make connections to the universal theme.
2 pts
How would you describe the birds in the animation?
5 pts
Why did you answer that word for #1? What universal theme is being taught through this movie using that word? (Remember to think general - it could apply to multiple texts/movies/poems...)
5 pts
Why were the birds so quick to disassociate themselves from the bird who looked 'different'? How does this translate into our society today?
Read this poem and answer the questions that follow:
Functionalized Placeholder
Functionalized Placeholder
5 pts
How is diction (the use of words) used to describe the free bird versus the caged bird? List at least four words each below. What was the author trying to say through the use of these words? Explain.
2 pts
What is the poem mainly about?
Freedom and slavery
The lives of birds
Joy and singing
The dreams of birds
Functionalized Placeholder
5 pts
In paragraph two, Einstein says that society is in danger. What is creating the danger? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
5 pts
According to Einstein, what should people and society value and do? You may quote, but then explain in your own words.
10 pts
How do the video, poem, and essay connect? Explain how they are similar and their connections throughout. (2 paragraphs)
5 pts
You have a blank canvas here: If you have time, fill this blank page with what a perfect world would have for everyone to get along and be peaceful. Be sure to have at least one of the following: ethos, pathos, and logos. Convince me your world is the best world. Be school appropriate.
5 pts
Why did you choose the images you placed in the above canvas? Explain how they work together. What is your message?
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