Sexual Reproduction part 1 Concept Review 2
by John Lundy
| 13 Questions
Note from the author:
A review assignment examining the differences between mitosis and miosis and the sources of genetic variation in sexual reproduction.
1 pt
Complete this vin diagram such that is shows the similarities and differences between mitosis and miosis.
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Meiosis produces ________ daughter cells.
a. two haploid
b. two diploid
c. four haploid
d. four diploid
1 pt
What structure is most important in forming the tetrads?
a. centromere
b. synaptonemal complex
c. chiasma
d. kinetochore
1 pt
At which stage of meiosis are sister chromatids
separated from each other?
a. prophase I
b. prophase II
c. anaphase I
d. anaphase II
1 pt
At metaphase I, homologous chromosomes are
connected only at what structures?
a. chiasmata
b. recombination nodules
c. microtubules
d. kinetochores
1 pt
Which of the following is not true in regard to
a. Spindle microtubules guide the transfer of DNA
across the synaptonemal complex.
b. Non-sister chromatids exchange genetic
c. Chiasmata are formed.
d. Recombination nodules mark the crossover
1 pt
What phase of mitotic interphase is missing from
meiotic interkinesis?
a. G0 phase
b. G1 phase
c. S phase
d. G2 phase
1 pt
The part of meiosis that is similar to mitosis is
a. meiosis I
b. anaphase I
c. meiosis II
d. interkinesis
1 pt
If a muscle cell of a typical organism has 32
chromosomes, how many chromosomes will be in a
gamete of that same organism?
a. 8
b. 16
c. 32
d. 64
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