Polynomials and Rational Functions
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by Douglas Frost
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Reviewing polynomial and rational functions
Conplete the review questions. You will be told which question(s) you got correct at the end of your first attempt. When typing anything with coordinates, do not put a space after the comma.
For questions 1-4, use the following function:
1 pt
Determine the end behavior of the graph.
Up and Up
Up and Down
Down and Up
Down and Down
1 pt
Find the coordinate of the vertex.
1 pt
Find the smallest zero.
1 pt
Find the largest zero.
For questions 4 and 5, use the given parent function and the transformed function below
1 pt
Reflection? Stretch or Condense?
No Reflection, Stretch
No Reflection, Condense
Reflection, Stretch
Reflection, Condense
1 pt
Horizontal and Vertical Shift?
5 left, 3 down
5 left, 3 up
5 right, 3 up
5 right, 3 down
For questions 7-9, use the following function:
1 pt
Where is the horizontal asymptote? Indicate the number only.
1 pt
Where is the vertical asymptote(s)? Indicate the number(s) only.
1 pt
If it exists, what is the coordinate of the hole in the graph? Use decimals, if necessary.
1 pt
Using your choice of division, divide the following polynomials, What is the remainder?
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