A New Beginning
by Erin Scagnelli
| 10 Questions
1 pt
What sentence from the story BEST describes what the illustration is about on page 25?
Today, I even got to go up to the crow's-nest!
I've been helping the sailors with the lines and sails.
Gus is showing me how to use the stars to figure out which direction we are sailing.
Gus took me up on the deck and showed me the ropes- except they aren't ropes after all.
1 pt
Who is the narrator of the story?
James Oglethorpe
Mercy's father
1 pt
Read this sentence from the story.
"So my father jumped at the opportunity to take his skills to a new country."
Which word has almost the SAME meaning as the word opportunity as used in the sentence above?
1 pt
Why did Mercy's family leave London?
The city was too crowded and noisy.
They wanted to move to a bigger house.
It was difficult for her father to find a job.
They were joining other family members.
1 pt
What is the lesson of this story?
Believe in yourself.
Do not be afraid to make a new start.
Telling the truth can be its own reward.
If you don't learn from the past, you will repeat old mistakes.
1 pt
How does the entry for January 13 on page 26 help develop the plot?
by showing how brave Mercy is
by describing the setting in detail
by telling where the family will settle
by explaining why the family left London
1 pt
What text evidence BEST support the theme?
I think there are too many of us.
The sailors don't care much for the passengers.
He just laughed and said Gus was kidding with me.
So my father jumped at the opportunity to take his skills to a new country.
1 pt
What happens BEFORE Mercy has nightmares but AFTER the ship sails?
Mercy gets seasick.
Her father builds shelves for the cook in the galley.
Gus tells her there are huge snakes and mosquitoes in America.
A ten-year-old boy climbs up to the crow's-nest to look at the ocean.
1 pt
How does Mercy change from the beginning of the trip to the end?
She becomes less afraid of the future.
She becomes more angry at her father.
She becomes more shy around other people.
She becomes less sure that she can take care of herself.
1 pt
At the end, what does Mercy realize about the place called Savanah?
The land is covered with wooden houses.
The city is new, but already very crowded.
There are no people or animals waiting to attack.
There are huge insects and snakes hiding in the bushes.
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