The Candy Jar Task (1.2.2)
by Lonnie Myers
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Exploring Proportional Relations.
A candy jar contains 5 Jolly Ranchers & 13 Jawbreakers. Suppose you had a new candy jar with the same ratio of Jolly Ranchers to Jawbreakers, but it contained 100 Jolly Ranchers. How many Jaw breakers would you have?

Create a presentation which can be used to help explain how you determine your answer
Suppose you had a candy jar with the same ratio of Jolly Ranchers to Jawbreakers as shown above, but it contained 720 candies. How many of each kind of candy would you have?
Extension: Suppose that you are making treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Each treat is a small bag that contains 5 Jolly Ranchers and 13 Jawbreakers. You have 50 Jolly Ranchers and 125 Jawbreakers. How many small bags could you make up?
The Candy Jar Tasks (Adapted from Smith, M. S., Silver, E. A., Stein, M. K., Boston, M., & Henningsen, M. A. (2005). Improving instruction in rational numbers and proportionality: Using cases to transform mathematics teaching and learning, Volume 1. New York: Teachers College Press.)
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